Upgrade to the perfect system

Build Your Private Oasis

Everyone has an idea of what their favorite outdoor oasis looks like. Whether that means decorative styling on the deck, designer waterline tile, energy-efficient systems, or anything else, we have the materials to make it happen. What did you have in mind? Let’s hear about it.

How Can We Help?

Everyone has a specific need. Your system is exactly that, your system. Let’s hear your needs to determine the best course of action. Since we’ve been in this business for some time, it’s our duty to give you solutions that work. Tell us your idea and we’ll make it happen. Essential pool equipment is what we do. High-quality swimming pool service and equipment is within your reach.

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Here’s How We Can Help

We’re waiting to hear from you. Here are a few of the ways our certified pool operators will make your life easier.​

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Automation Systems

Now here’s where life gets good. Get real-time alerts, automated heating solutions, smartphone controls, and any other automated systems to keep splashing and relaxing. How does voice control in your pool sound? Every function and feature is now possible. Summers never felt so good. Less pain, more automation.

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Fresh and Salt Water Systems

Trying to elevate your pool into a saltwater system? Looking to build the proper freshwater system for your outdoor pond? Let’s give you a solution so sweet, that includes a warranty, gives you peace of mind, and satisfies your needs.

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Cleaners & Sanitizers

Sanitizing systems have never been so popular. Significantly reducing the germs and bacteria in your pool and on surfaces is a delicate matter. When paired with water testing kits and the proper cleaners, your pool can stay safe for decades.

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Pumps, Heaters & Heat Pumps

Is your pool heater on the fritz? Don’t worry, we’ll always be there to help get you back on track. From pumps to heaters, we have it all. Nothing feels better than a warm pool. Whether you’re working on indoor or outdoor pools, we can help.

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The perfect lighting installation can be incorporated into your automated system. When you want to take lighting to the next level, Belleair Pool Service & Supply can help. From alternating LED lights to smartphone control systems, let’s get started. Even if you just have questions, our team loves sharing helpful information.

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Automatic Water Fillers

Also known as water levelers, automatically adjusting your water level is a required system for certain climates. They work automatically, by detecting when the water levels drop below the optimal level. The system then kicks on to automatically fill your pool for your enjoyment.