Match your pool to your exterior decor

Make A Statement

We all want to have that glorious backyard space that boasts a manicured lawn, an expertly-finished pool, an outdoor kitchen, and let’s not forget the shiny outdoor 4K UHD TV. It’s the dream of every homeowner. We know it’s a work in progress. When it’s time to remodel the pool, we’ll be here to help you out.

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Belleair Pool and Supply offers a variety of exquisite pool finishes and designer tiles. Choose from a selection of mosaics to accent your new finish and add dazzling energy efficient LED color replacement lights and pumps to make your pool truly unique. We can provide you with a wide variety of pavers and coping to complete your beautiful backyard with our expert craftsmen.

We provide free estimates.

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The Remodeling Experience

Everything starts from the moment you give us a call. Listening to your needs and delivering a polite, courteous, and prompt service is what we do best. Here is how we do it.

Come visit our showroom floor to get an idea of exactly what you want your pool to look like. Match designer tiles, water features, and other systems to design your dream pool remodeling.

We’ll help you put together a design to impress your friends and family. If you have a specific idea, we’ll pay attention to the smallest detail. Let’s get started.

The big reveal is something we’re all waiting for. Take this time to review any detail. You want to make sure we followed your instructions to the letter.

Here’s How We Can Help

We’re waiting to hear from you. Here are a few of the ways our certified pool operators will make your life easier.​

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Pool Accents

Choose between a selection of mosaics to accent your pool any way you like. From dark to light accents, we have it all. Some prefer designer tiles, while others are interested in a customized look. Either way, pool accents are a great way to elevate your pool remodel.

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Deck surface refinishing

We’ve seen it all. From weather-worn decks to freak accidents. Replacing deck boards, railing, and even stairs down to the existing deck frames and foundations is what we do. Our team has seen it all. Let’s chat about your needs.

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Lighting Installation

From energy-efficient LED color lights to IoT enabled pool lights, our pool technicians can help with everything. The best way to create a dazzling impression for your friends and family is to incorporate reliable lighting into your pool remodel design. We’ll help point you in the right direction.

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Everything from draining and prepping to eventually securing the liners and even installing the drain should be done precisely. Taking pride in having superior attention to detail is what makes all the difference. Our technicians will get started on relining your pool as fast as you need.

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Energy Efficient Equipment

Your lovely pool may be drawing more energy than necessary. Some of the newer equipment can truly save big. After the small upfront cost, your energy savings will continue to drop. If you haven’t explored the cost of updating your energy equipment, we would love to talk about it.

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Waterline Tile Replacement & Repair

Add that touch of elegance to your pool with a decorative band of pristine waterline tile. Whether we’re replacing, cleaning, or repairing, our technicians can handle it for you. Add an even more decorative strip of waterline tile into your landscaping to really take things to the next level.

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Water Features

Pool water features can really enhance your quiet pool into a legendary space. Whether it’s an obscure water fountain or decorative pond, our water features are some of the best in Florida. Mixing the juxtaposition of modern pool finishing and mother nature really brings a touch of elegance.

Blue ripped water in swimming pool