Prompt & Courteous Service

Pool Service

Your neighborhood pool supply has all the favorite brands and supplies you need to maintain a crystal clear pool. We’re talking about a pool so crystal clear your neighbors can see sunlight reflecting off it. Whether you want to do the maintenance yourself or want us to take care of it. Let us know! Contact the team to discover any information you need.

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The Three-Step Approach

Choose between three easy to understand models.

At Belleair Pool Service & Supply, we take on a comprehensive approach to pool service. We know that everyone’s needs are different. Our three-step approach gives you three options to choose from. Here they are:

Don’t feel like getting out there and maintaining your pool? Don’t worry, our experienced technicians will take care of any of the pool service needs you have. From weekly pool service to regular storm cleanups. From A to Z, we’re there.

If you’re the type to make a day out of maintaining your pool, we have the supplies you need. Just tell us how we can help you maintain a crystal clear pool. From water testing equipment to all the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean, we’re here.

Maybe you just want to get your beautiful pool cleaned out before the big party. Our Certified Pool Operators are qualified to do any one-time service you had in mind. That includes pool inspections, pressure washing, and more.

Here’s How We Can Help

We’re waiting to hear from you. Here are a few of the ways our certified pool operators will make your life easier.

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Residential Pool Maintenance Program/Weekly Pool Service

Whether you’re the owner of a community pool, apartment complex, or a homeowner looking for a maintenance program, let’s talk about it. Our experienced technicians are ready to help out with anything you need. If that means same day service, we’re ready.

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One Time Pool Clean-Ups

From emergency services to same-day cleanups, we’re on it. Sometimes, the pool just looks bad. Cleaning it out is a good way to enjoy a pleasant afternoon outdoors. From leaves to debris, and even large objects, we’ll clean it.

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Storm Clean-Ups

We know the Florida climate better than most. After a storm hits, the pools can be devastated. Call us as soon as possible after a storm to help get your backyard paradise back into tip-top shape. Or you can look into our storm prep service.

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Pressure Wash & Seal Services

Protecting your pool and family from buildup, bacteria and even high temperatures starts with pressure washing and seal services. Sometimes weathering and other materials can build up over time. We’ll remove stains, rust, dirt, and hardened substances that elbow grease just can’t do.

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Pool Inspections

When was the last time your pool was inspected? Daily use can take its toll and severely damage or comprise your expensive systems. Let’s perform a one-time inspection to point out your pool’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll even take a look around the deck to help you spot under maintained areas.

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Acid Wash

Has your pool turned into the dreaded black lagoon? When algae and other organisms have taken over, the pool will gradually succumb to the environment. This can also happen if the winterizing process is not properly performed. Thankfully, here in Florida, our greatest worry is algae and debris. Let us acid wash it away.

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Hurricane Protection

Thanks to modern atmospheric satellites, hurricane protection is now easier than ever. We won’t have to empty your pool. We’ll protect pool equipment, properly disconnect any power to your systems, store valuable components in safe and dry areas, as well as prevent contamination from stormwater with extra chlorine. We’ll actually do much more, that’s just a small part. Contact us to get started.

Blue ripped water in swimming pool